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Your Gackt Style by d0thepi3dpip3r
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Credits: HYDE s/c - [ profile] sillynlame, Gackt s/c- [ profile] jaynajoy.
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Gackted from [ profile] shinjimimura03 (Li)
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далее )

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...lashevet mul ha-yam ve lo lid'og...

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Thank you, [ profile] nepenthes59!

Ther rest is here. And he looks like Gackt's sweet brother in Mizerablish outfit:

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ну что он там делает сейчас, в Ванкувере?
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Бонус: Без.
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Got new glasses *excited*!
It's getting warmer outside. And brighter.
I am not myself anymore and I don't want to be this thing.

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Jojoushi, Forbidden L., My Dear - and I am done with.

Still haven't watch this koncert to the end. Am afraid it's gonna happen again :)
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- Ой, тут у тебя.. Гакт на десктопе, - вежливо.

Позор, позор!! Он не знает до сих пор!

Пособие для начинающих (различать, когда на десктопе Гакт, а когда Хайд):

Карий глаз=HYDE
Голубой глаз=Gackt

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